I Am Enough Signet Ring Inspirational Ring

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You are enough ¡ª even when you are hurting, when your bones feel heavy and your heart is aching. It is ok to feel. It is ok to widen your heart, to move to a place of expansion ¡ª there is beauty in vulnerability. You are enough ¡ª even when others make you feel forever ¡°less.¡± Worthiness comes from within, so do not build a home for it inside someone else. You are more than their perceptions. You are more than their words. You are enough ¡ª even when you make mistakes. Stop punishing yourself for your imperfections, immerse them in compassion and recognize that they are part of who you are ¡ª it is only with them, that you are whole. Please remember that you are the only person who defines your value ¡ª so be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself. You are brave, capable and strong. You are thoughtful and empathetic. You are deserving. You are worthy. You are enough ¡ª so infinitely enough.


Material: 925 sterling silver
Size: US 5-10
Face Dimensions: 11.5 x 13.5 mm
Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free), Silver (nickel-free)

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