925 Sterling Silver Tarot Card Necklace La Luna Gold Necklace L'Etoile Gold Necklace Le Soleil Gold Necklace Le Monde Gold Necklace

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La Luna
La Luna
Le Soleil
Le Monde

Material: 925 sterling silver
Necklace circumference: 40cm - 50cm

La Luna Necklace:
The mesmerising La Luna Necklace, with moon-phases carefully hand painted in ivory enamel above a moon-struck landscape represents dreams and intuition. The words 'La Luna', which means 'The Moon' is etched at the bottom of this beveled edge pendant. Carry moonlit dreams and the starry skies with you, knowing in your heart that possibilities are endless.

L’etoile Necklace:
Our dreamy L’etoile Necklace, brings out the allure of the galaxy with a silhouette of a girl basking under a starry night sky. The word L'etoile, French for "star", is hand-etched on the beveled edge pendant, symbolizing renewed hope and a sense of being blessed by the universe. Remember to wear this on all of your Wanderlust adventures.

Le Soleil Necklace:
The Le Soleil Necklace is inspired by joy, optimism, happiness and harmony. The sun motif is hand painted with pink pearlescent enamel, representing good energy, whereas the moonphase in white enamel, symbolises that all things will come full circle, with a beginning and an end. The surrounding star motifs illustrate hope and better times ahead. Wear this piece as an affirmation of positive circumstances, radiating confidence of self as the universe comes together.

Le Monde Necklace:
The Le Monde Necklace was designed to represent a coming together of humanity amidst the recent crisis facing our world. The etched globe icon held by a hand, symbolises global communities standing united for what’s ahead through life’s moments. This piece symbolises a change in time and new possibilities. Wear as a reminder to pause, reflect and take check before we begin anew again.



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La luna, L'etoile, Le soleil, Le monde